Breuer-Hermenau Duo / Quartet

Carolyn Breuer (sax)

Andrea Hermenau (p, voc)

Henning Sieverts (b)

Christian Lettner (dr)

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Die Drei Damen

Lisa Wahlandt (voc)

Andrea Hermenau (p, voc)

Anna Veit (b, voc)

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Andrea Hermenau has had the pleasure of playing with:

Dusko Gojkovic, Johannes Enders, Heinz von Hermann, Thomas Zoller, Harald Rüschenbaum, Tim Collins, Till Martin, Johannes Herrlich, Henning Sieverts, Paulo Cardoso, Lisa Wahlandt, Jenny Evans, Thomas Stabenow, tapdancer Sam Weber and many more.

2021 in planning: release of analog recorded LP (probably in April): "Jazz on Vinyl", played by Breuer-Hermenau Duo and Quartet; CD-recording with "Die Drei Damen"; recording for Christiane Öttls CD-project "Ummedicht"; CD-recording with Breuer-Hermenau Quartet
2020 "Andrea Hermenau Quintet" was nominated for BMW World Jazz Award 2020
since 2019 lecturer for Jazz-harmony, eartraining, rhythm and bandworkshop at Jazzprojekt of "Freien Musikzentrums München e.V."
2018 record release: Die Drei Damen "Venus in the backyard" (Enja Yellowbird Records)
2017 recording the voice part for the music of the short film "The Final Day of Rudolf Nietsche", made by Blaz Kutin, that won a price 2018 in the category "Best Short Film" with Slowenian film festival
2016 record release: Die Drei Damen "Träum weiter" (Enja Yellowbird Records), concerts a.o. in Brussels and Polen, she recorded the piano part for the dokumentary film "Die guten Feinde"
2015 record release as sidewoman: Rafael Alcantara "Psalmen & Jazz" (Alcantara Musikverlag)
2014 record release: Die Drei Damen (Enja Yellowbird Records)
2013 record release: Andrea Hermenau Quartet "Die Nachtpracht" (Unit Records)
2012 concert and live-recording of "Andrea Hermenau Quartet" at Studio 2, BR.
record release as sidewoman: Charly Antolini and the Ladies of Jazz, "One more" (Skinfire Records)
2011 record release as sidewoman: Jerker Kluge's Deep Jazz, "The Meeting" (Perfect Toy)
2010 premiere of "Morgenlichter", a composition for orchestra and jazz soloists, inspired by the piano piece "Morning Songs" number 5, written by Robert Schumann and performed with the orchestra of the university for music in Dresden.
Pianist in the production "Twelve months" of the Bayerische Rundfunk, composed by Wolfgang Roth.
Record release of the Fjoralba Turku Quartet: "Joshua" (Traumton), working as arranger and pianist.
Piano part in the music for the movie "Almanya"
2009 record release of the second Etna album "Waiting for the Sun" (GLM Music)
2008-2010 studies of composition and arrangement with Prof. Thomas Zoller at the Carl Maria von Weber University for Music in Dresden
2008 concert in Sarajevo (Bosnia-Hercegovina) in cooperation with Goethe-Institut
2007 BR records „Heinz von Hermann meets Etna“
2006 completed studies at "Richard-Strauss-Konservatorium" with a diploma in jazz piano and jazz singing.
Correpetition for „Der Gwissenswurm“, a play by Ludwig Anzengruber, at the Bavarian State Theatre, produced by Franz Xaver Kroetz
2005-2007 engagement at Bavarian State Theatre as percussionist in a production of „Bakchen“ (Euripides) by Dieter Dorn
2004 winner of the statewide competition „Landesjugend jazzt“ in Bavaria with her own trio, Benjamin Schäfer (b) und Max Frankl (git).
Studio record at Deutschlandfunk in Cologne with Frankzone, the winner of the national competition „Jugend jazzt“ 2003, featuring Johannes Enders
2002-2005 member of the "Landesjugendjazzorchesters" of Bavaria
2002 winner of the Bavarian competition „Landesjungend jazzt“ with Etna
2001-2006 studied Jazz-piano with Tizian Jost and Jazz-singing with Karren Edwards and Lisa Wahlandt at the "Richard-Strauss-Konservatorium" in Munich
2000-2001 studies at "Jazzprojekt", FMZ Munich
2000 winner of a competition called „Mix On The Road“ launched by the magazine Keyboards with one of her compositions, recording the song in Nashville, Tennessee
final examination (Abitur) at Gymnasium Tegernsee